Freight insurance is a type of insurance that protects the owner of the cargo from any loss due to damaged cargo, partial or total loss of the cargo during the transportation.

Freight insurance provides protection from the cargo’s loss or damage despite any external factors transported by land, sea or air. 

The correct cargo insurance is an important way to manage financial risks, losses or damages.

MTL GROUP insures all customers’ cargoes with the transport company civil liability insurance. Our team organizes route of the transportation in a way that ensures maximum cargo security when planing a high-value shipment. We suggest insuring the cargo additionally in order to avoid any possible risks. The terms and conditions of additional cargo insurance are favorable and clear.

Why an additional insurance is important?

During the shipment cargoes are not protected from unseen, beyond control factors (fire, explosion, theft, storm, flood, etc.) that might influence your business.  Responsibility of the carrier is usually restricted by a certain limited amount of sum per kilogram depending in what way the shipment is done – by land, sea or air.

Restrictions of responsibilities of the carrier in case of a damage:

  • Inland freight (CMR) 8,33 SDR / KG.
  • Sea freight (The Hague Visby Rules) 2 SDR / kg.
  • Air freight (Convention of Montreal) 19 SDR/kg.

Each cargo of our customers is paid with special attention. Our gained experience and contracts with insurance partners allow us to offer you in insurance at competitive rates.

The size of the insurance payment depends on the type of the cargo, transportation which carries the cargo and its value.