Freight transportation by air

Freight transportation by air

Freight transportation by air

Air freight is an irreplaceable method of transportation when an important cargo has to be delivered in a very short time.

Air freight accounts for more than 30% of all freight transported worldwide and has a tremendous impact on the development of international business.

Currently, the aviation industry is the most internationally standardized industry. The high standardization requirements in air transport are associated with high security requirements and punctuality of air operations.

Transportation by air is one of the safest and fastest way of delivery. A special attention is given to cargoes which are to be delivered especially urgently,  perishable, dangerous and of high-value.

Air freight rates depends on:

  • Shipments distance
  • Weight of the load
  • Cargo’s dimensions

The freight rates also depend on the transportation speed, urgency and format of the order.

MTL GROUP offers air freight services to various destinations around the world with minimum delivery time, highest security level and required customs brokerage, warehousing services.