Freight transportation by rail

Freight transportation by rail

Freight transportation by rail

Freight transportation by rail – one of the most economical means of freight transportation allowing to transport the cargo in long distances, various and non-standard dimensions and weight. 

Freight transportation by rail is not influenced by the season of the year therefore, it can be done at the most convenient time for the customer. 

Freight transportation’s by rail advantages:

  • lower costs for the transportation compared with other transport types;
  • the capacity of wagons is up to 3 times higher than other types of vehicles;
  • wide selection of wagons which vary from 120m3 to 250m3;
  • when transporting especially heavy and large loads in long distances, transportation by rail is the most optimal and most often the only solution.

MTL GROUP specialists analyse individual needs of the customer, carefully and expeditiously organizes transportation plan, cargoes’ warehousing, sorting, marking, packing and loading works. We prepare needed documents, do the customs formalities, ensures maximum cargo security, solving various types of occurred questions during the transportation, regularly provide information about the course of transportation and ensure delivery on time.

MTL GROUP carries full and partial loads to / from selected railway freight stations by various types of wagons: semi-wagons, covered wagons, platforms and containers to Russia and Central Asia.

Quite often in order to deliver the cargo to the doors there is a need to use another type of transportation. Also, the load is usually not close to the railway junction and needs to be transported by road or sea. In such need, MTL GROUP organizes multimodal transportation (cargo transportation by using several types of transport) and according to the needs, combines several types of transportations (sea, air, rail or road transport). This allows to effectively control the whole process of the shipment, ensure the most optimal delivery time, maximum safety and to lower the freight’s costs.