Storage services

Storage services nowadays is an inseparable part of a logistic chain. UAB MTL GROUP offers the following storage services to its customers:

  • Storage of various goods for an unlimited period (as well as food and goods requiring special temperature conditions).
  • We offer areas of 15 000 m2 for storage of goods in Kaunas and Vilnius equipped with protective, fire-alarm and extinguishing sprinkler systems.
  • Fenced safeguarded lot for parking and keeping of cargo, cars, and semitrailers. Safety of stored goods and parked vehicles is ensured by a 24-hour guard post, protective alarm and video monitoring system.
  • Manual and mechanised loading (up to 20 t).
  • Sorting, packing of goods, palletizing, formation of consignments.
  • Marking of goods and preparation for transportation, distribution or sale.
  • Report delivery to clients on operations of goods movement and remains.


High quality storage services condition the expedition and reliability of logistics services.