Regular collection and transportation of less-than container load (LCL) and small cargos

Every week we collect LCL cargos from Italy, Germany, Benelux countries, Poland and Scandinavian countries. Extra small cargos are collected through a terminal. This allows us to offer a more attractive price to a customer. We provide LCL service to natural persons and companies.

Long-term experience and time-proven partners in logistic centres in difference countries allow us to offer the following services:

  • deliver LCL of various volumes expeditiously;
  • track the movement of cargos;
  • retain a reasonable relation of price and quality;
  • apply all our undertakings at the highest level.

In Lithuania we can warehouse, regroup, do customs procedures, prepare cargos for transportation and continue transportation to Byelorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries:

  • to customs warehouses;
  • to consignee's door.


Express delivery

We also offer express delivery of LCL in separate vehicles.

Lately we started receiving requests on express delivery of cargos of small dimensions and volume. One of the most popular methods of delivery is delivery by express mail. However, it is one of the most expensive choices. Transportation of cargo with other selected cargos is not always acceptable due to lack of time, price or particularity of transportation:

  • unacceptable overload;
  • problematic access to loading place/destination with a big semitrailer.

Exactly for such cases we offer you an optimal solution: transportation of cargo in a separate vehicle of smaller dimensions. This method has a range of undeniable advantages: speed, mobility, possibility to bypass traffic jam and access any other street of an old-town.