Cargo insurance is a type of insurance which covers a cargo owner against losses possible due to the damage to cargo or partial or complete loss of cargo during transportation.

Usually companies do not transport goods themselves with their own transport but entrust transportation to other companies. CMR insurance of road carriers or freight forwarders doesn't always cover all losses due to damage or loss of cargo or cover them partially only.

Companies which carry daily activity related with cargo shipment (e.g., companies exporting lots of production or exporters) can make long-term contracts of cargo insurance. Usually such contracts have the advantage of better insurance conditions than individual cargo insurance agreements, however, it requires a lot of experience to conclude and administer such contracts, and thus, UAB MTL GROUP suggests entrusting this work to professionals! We care about the safety of your cargo, thus, we make sure that all vehicles were covered with CMR insurance and, when goods are especially valuable, we will always recommend you trustworthy partners or represent your company when insuring your cargo.