Cargo transportation in curtainsiders

We specialise in international cargo transportation between   Western  Europe  countries  and   Scandinavia  as well as the  Baltic States, Belarus,  Ukraine,  Russia,  Kazakhstan  and  Uzbekistan.  We also offer our services for cargo transportation from Kazakhstan, Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine to European countries.

Full container load (FCL) cargos are transported:

  • by direct routes
  • with transhipment in Lithuania in customs terminals of our partners.

We are fully aware that each cargo requires special conditions of transportation. If your cargo must be transported only directly, we will gladly provide a required vehicle on your preferred time. We cooperate with many reliable partners-carriers from various countries (Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, etc.), thus, we can always satisfy different needs of our customers on choosing transit countries and other issues.


If you choose transportation with transhipment, we will offer you a very attractive price (especially from Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Great Britain).

Clients of MTL GROUP often choose transportation with transhipment due to these reasons:

* we can offer a wider range of vehicles during a chosen period;

* transhipment does not take additional time (24 hours are allotted to transhipment and formalisation of TIR Carnet);

* you don't have to pay for transhipment;

* we guarantee perfect quality of transhipment;

* we have experience in transhipment of goods of diverse nature.

We transport cranes, home appliances, tires, pipes, ceramic tiles and pallet cargo on regular basis and we know all the details of a transportation process of each cargo.


FCL cargos are transported in curtainsiders and reefer semitrailers of 80-120 cubic meters volume.